"I have been getting saxophone lessons from Rachel for the last few months and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Rachel is a fantastic teacher and has helped me to make great progress in a short space of time. She is hugely knowledgeable and her enthusiasm for music is infectious.  Her lessons are fun and varied, and Rachel is really keen to help her students develop their musical skills and knowledge.   I’m very pleased to have found such a wonderful teacher and would highly recommend Rachel to anyone who is interested in learning any of the instruments she teaches. She has great knowledge and experience and more importantly she has the ability to pass that on to her students."

David Flynn 


"Rachel is a funny teacher. She makes me work hard, but I enjoy it. She is cool."

Anna O'Brien 


"I found Rachel through a recommendation from a friend who has taken lessons with her, and I'm delighted that she has lived up to the excellent reference that I was given. My daughter needed someone who would give her a sense of focus, and challenge, and achievement, and working with Rachel has made her outlook noticeably different. And her playing is so much improved! I hope that teacher and student will have many years of success together."

Mairead O'Brien